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Richard T Pranke Artist Painter

ABOUT | Quebec | Richard T Pranke Artist Painter

I am a 3rd generation artist, born in Duvernay, Laval, Quebec in 1958. My grandfather, Richard Wenzel Pranke was an art professor in Slovakia, and my father, a well known Quebec artist Walter W. Pranke, were my first motivators that inspired me at a very early age.


My art education began at the age of 10 when I created a 32 sq ft mural for a school project. Because of my family's heritage in the love of arts, I studied numerous art literatures, volumes of artists work and other forms of media to develop my skills.


Prankearts is my call name on the web and I have been painting for over 35 years.

New art is listed on a regular basis so come back often to see poppies, seascapes, landscapes, urban and contemporary art.


Commmissioned art is welcome!


More infos? or 514.703.4775
Note that all prices are in CDN currency



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